zaterdag 24 oktober 2020

FLAC - Aerosmith live in Dallas 1986 - 1CD - February 20 - soundboard


Reunion Arena

Dallas, Texas

February 20, 1986


Quality: A

Dallas radio interview

Radio ad for gig

Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)

Big Ten Inch Record

My Fist Your Face

Last Child

No Surprize

She's on Fire



Unknown Artist 01. Track01.flac:901d88aa023af798e69224b947244d90

Unknown Artist 02. Track02.flac:2c70aff97e9d998d1a03dde67e706d51

Unknown Artist 03. Track03.flac:912faa93679652b3f1798c51267c5d6d

Unknown Artist 04. Track04.flac:96e7243f3fdcb7dc78c8246d27622dc6

Unknown Artist 05. Track05.flac:afd7df6742d1f6263ff63e9777e8ac7d

Unknown Artist 06. Track06.flac:5e1a6fde69012db1f6c611ece07aeb65

Unknown Artist 07. Track07.flac:b68ebc1543c026eca58247853bbe887b

Unknown Artist 08. Track08.flac:a482e1129534fd39301551f8360fc60c

Unknown Artist 09. Track09.flac:222505c1f763203060a95b09b1ab35f7

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FLAC - Aerosmith live in Lakeland 1975 - 1CD - October 15




(there is some dispute over the date)

Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. -intro-

02. Walkin' The Dog

03. S.O.S. (Too Bad)

04. Somebody

05. Big Ten Inch Record

06. Walk This Way

07. Dream On

08. Lord Of The Thighs

09. Sweet Emotion

10. Adam's Apple

11. Same Old Song And Dance

12. Train Kept A Rollin' (with drum solo)

13. Toys In The Attic

Contrast clause: This is indeed a complete upgrade that makes total mincemeat out the unknown gen


01 -intro-.flac:3c411e867ee6c4b562575320000ab7ee

02 Walkin' The Dog.flac:967e08282d6168cb6ff291bebb229369

03 S.O.S. (Too Bad).flac:cbf5c247f8079657ff1a52b06d3e0e9b

04 Somebody.flac:c81c54ff4066746cc698b7e6c9aa7e38

05 Big Ten Inch Record.flac:f826e9180132a2a72a8eec6d7674c8fb

06 Walk This Way.flac:a97b39cf0f94c8e611f79a0487bda968

07 Dream On.flac:2d34f7222ff682a601b2b013ac77f215

08 Lord Of The Thighs.flac:131fa03d34221ff4a29c3682e9e86f8b

09 Sweet Emotion.flac:d214a13f4af558488b195b113f400cd6

10 Adam's Apple.flac:4b69c86b792ec60c600a9cd1fdc87bf7

11 Same Old Song And Dance.flac:854243c4efaf857d5275bbf21983364f

12 Train Kept A Rollin'.flac:363bf5819b675777d9af1f5bcfb7ca68

13 Toys In The Attic.flac:67a675e57ec2cd9cf702416643ae6710

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FLAC - Aerosmith live in Boston 1975 - 1CD - April 19


Boston Garden

Boston, Massachusetts

April 19, 1975



Quality: C


Toys In the Attic

S.O.S (Too Bad)


Adam's Apple

Lord Of The Thighs

Sweet Emotion

Dream On

Walk This Way

No More No More

Write Me A Letter

Same Old Song And Dance

Train Kept A-Rollin'

Make It

Big Ten Inch Record

Walkin' The Dog

Notes: A major gig for the band, playing the biggest venue in their home town with a new album fresh in the record store bins. It must have been surreal for the band to play the Garden, a venue where they saw their heroes – Hendrix, The Stones and Zeppelin – play.

An ominous drone on tape before the band appears and the band is announced by road manager Bob "Kelly" Kelleher: “All right Boston, Massachusetts are you ready to rock tonight! What can I say? Let's all get together and give a warm welcome home to those boys from Boston, Aerosmith!” the crowd erupts and Kramer starts “Toys In the Attic” and the band off and flying.

This is the first known live recording of Toys In the Attic” and the cacophonous recording makes it hard to hear what's happening with all the band's members, but Tyler and the guitars are clear enough. It's then a return to two tunes from the first album before Perry starts in on the opening riff to “Adam's Apple.” Oddly, Tyler – who had to be coaxed by Perry to address the crowd during the band's early gigs – stops the guitar player. “Hold on, will you, hold on a second!” Apparently Tyler wants to explain the song to the thousands.

“This is something that brings us, way, way way back to the beginning. It ain't a revival trip, but it is. It ain't about Noah's Ark, but it is. It's about Adam and Eve and what we believe...and she bit into whatever it was that somebody said don't bite into...” Perry the starts the song again, the first known live recording of the tune. The volume washes over the blissful crowd, absorbing the new song with cheers and excitement.

“Sweet Emotion” also gets caught live for the first time along with “Walk This Way,” the latter played closer to the album version. Tyler sings the verse “Walk This Way” it like the album version, without the swagger that would come later. “No More No More” gets it's debut, with Tyler telling the crowd it's about “life on the road...” something the band knew all to well. “Write Me A Letter” gets a short piano solo from Scott Cushnie, who played on the “Toys In The Attic” album and joined the band for the tour. He also added harmonies.

Hamilton's bass is dialed up in the mix toward the end of “Same Old Song And Dance” to nice effect. “Make It” makes a return to the setlist as an encore on this night. “Big Ten Inch” record also is caught on tape for the first time, with Tyler saying AM radio had no interest in playing the song. “ Walkin' The Dog” closes out the show, a real red letter night for the band.


Unknown Artist 01. Track01.flac:9e567235fc1b6db1c9c3a603cd1872aa

Unknown Artist 02. Track02.flac:cad0d6f7cc5121f2d5775fcdbe1116ed

Unknown Artist 03. Track03.flac:182540c1e137d00445eeb46e29c5eb52

Unknown Artist 04. Track04.flac:cd89731055fb10b543f4267e05584fa9

Unknown Artist 05. Track05.flac:50db8a6df8c942a1ee143749446e61bb

Unknown Artist 06. Track06.flac:90fe7aa68c3580a1baf03d78674099a5

Unknown Artist 07. Track07.flac:d88be62696e8e01740e409658de27a47

Unknown Artist 08. Track08.flac:27968ebd901832f7f14b757b061f7add

Unknown Artist 09. Track09.flac:34a02a2177b52f5a7bfa8205c1964601

Unknown Artist 10. Track10.flac:ea565131d8535a6347e67602616c885e

Unknown Artist 11. Track11.flac:81ec6f1d51781bd598c76c3ee71e33f2

Unknown Artist 12. Track12.flac:46f5964333e731ac86177e411681488b

Unknown Artist 13. Track13.flac:26deff1d0f5a2442f7613ee1e5156043

Unknown Artist 14. Track14.flac:41b8946498dc60afc39fd6efd2780278

Unknown Artist 15. Track15.flac:e0f99ac6da81dbcd32977a0a0c8252dc

Unknown Artist 16. Track16.flac:5d45ab05c291b8aa4613742331be9475

Unknown Artist 17. Track17.flac:36e5de73b8191a1f207118b8c7d5fdfd

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FLAC - Aerosmith live in Hershey 1986 - 2CD - April 10


Hershey Arena

Hershey, PA

April 10th, 1986

A luvsufo Analog Master

Transferred and Presented By Krw_co





Steven Tyler lead and backing vocals harmonica percussion

Tom Hamilton bass backing vocals

Joe Perry lead and rhythm guitar backing and lead vocals

Brad Whitford rhythm and lead guitar backing vocals

Joey Kramer drums


1 Intro

2 Rats In The Cellar

3 Mama Kin

4 Big Ten Inch Record

5 My Fist Your Face

6 Last Child

7 She's On Fire

8 The Hop

9 Walkin' The Dog

10 Red House

(tape flip edit at 00:47:01:08)

11 Lightning Strikes

12 Shela

13 Walk This Way

14 Let The Music Do The Talking

15 Sweet Emotion

16 Drum Solo

17 Toys In the Attic

(tape flip edit at 01:29:08)

18 Dream On

19 Train Kept A Rollin'

Many thanks to luvsufo for having us assist with transferring and presenting his Masters and Collection.

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