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MP3 - Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation outtakes" - 4CD


Permanent Vacation Outtakes

Date : 1987-xx-xx

Release year : 2001

A 4-disc set loaded with Permanent Vacation outtakes. 

The songs are grouped by title, in order to see the evolution in the recording process.

Disc 1 


Length : 56:21

1. Heart's done time early studio rehearsals *

*NOTE This song is also known as Right Key, Wrong Key Hole

2. Magic touch early demo version

3. Magic touch final pre-production with different lyrics

4. Rag doll final pre-production with different lyrics and solo

5. Simoriah final pre-production

6. Simoriah early demo version

7. Dude (looks like a lady) final pre-production without intro

8. Dude (looks like a lady) early demo version with different lyrics

9. Dude (looks like a lady) early studio reheaersals

10. Dude (looks like a lady) original working demo version

11. St. John final pre-production

12. St. John early demo version

13. St. John early studio rehearsals



Disc 2 


Length : 43:58

1. Hangman jury early studio rehearsals

2. Girl keeps coming apart final pre-production

3. Girl keeps coming apart early studio sessions without vocals

4. Girl keeps coming apart early studio rehearsals without vocals

5. Angel original working demo version

6. Permanent vacation final pre-production

7. Permanent vacation early demo version

8. I'm down final pre-production

9. Got to find a way original working demo version including "The movie"

10. Got to find a way early studio rehearsals



Disc 3 

Length : 57:28

1. Walking on danger street original working demo version

2. Walking on danger street early studio rehearsals

3. Feel the pain original working demo version **

4. Feel the pain final complete demo version **

** NOTE These songs are also known as Sleeping Sickness and Scream In Pain.

5. Hollywood early studio rehearsals

6. Hollywood original working demo version

7. Funky thing original working demo version

8. Joe's funky early demo version of "Funky thing"

9. Once is enough original working demo version

10. Love me like a bird dog original working demo version

11. Love me like a bird dog early studio rehearsals

12. Take it easy early studio rehearsals

13. Is anybody out there? early studio rehearsals

Disc 4

Title: Pandora's Leftover

Date: March 1, 1987

Length : 58:55

Venue: Permanent Vacation Sessions, Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver, Canada

1 Joey Kramer Drum Solo

2 Toys In The Attic

3 Train Kept A Rollin' (Instrumental) / Girl Keeps Coming Apart (Rehearsal, Instrumental)


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