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DVD - Aerosmith live in Houston 1984 - 1DVD - December 12 - pro-shot




The Summit

Back In The Saddle

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1. Rats In The Cellar
2. Bone To Bone
3. S.O.S. (Too Bad)
4. Big Ten Inch Record
5. Three Mile Smile
6. Reefer Head Woman
7. Lord Of The Thighs
8. Movin' Out
9. Adam's Apple
10. Last Child
11. Let The Music Do The Talking
12. Red House
13. Dream On
14. Lightning Strikes
15. Sweet Emotion
16. Same Old Song And Dance
17. Walk This Way
18. Milk Cow Blues
19. Toys In The Attic


1h 39m

Chapters available:
Yes, but the length varies

Amount of cameras:

Amount of dvds:
1 (4.08 GB)

Audio quality:

Audio properties:
Codec: AC3
Other: 48000Hz, 256 kb/s, stereo (2/0)

Video quality:

Video properties:
Codec: MPEG2
Format: NTSC
Resolution: 720 x 480
FPS: 29.970
Display Aspect Ratio: 1.333 (4:3)

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DVD - Aerosmith live in Houston 1977 - 1DVD - June 24 - pro-shot

Rocks In Houston'77
Houston Summit,
Houston, TX
24 June, 1977
MPEG-2 720x480
Dolby AC-3 48khz/16 bit 2 channel audio
VHS>Philips DVDR75(w/Monster Cabling)>MacTheRipper

Acquired in a trade several years ago, this is a fairly low gen source(3-4 gens. out but good pic and color and VG+ audio for the day) of a pro-shot Houston show on the Rocks Tour...the actual venue (doesn't look like a stadium show) and date are unknown, but it's obviously pre-Texas Jam '78..features all of the classic early stuff plus a few tracks from Rocks and the pre-release new track "Draw The Line". This is a nice document for Aerosmith fans, and it shows the band still very much intact as a live band, of course a string of really bad luck was waiting ahead for this great American band...it's nice to have one rock band that equalled the Brits !!!
So, this is for all of those people who bought tickets for the '78 shows and saw a train wreck not a train rollin' !!!

Back In The Saddle
Mama Kin
SOS (Too Bad)
Big Ten Inch Record
Lord Of The Thighs
Dream On
Adam's Apple
Sweet Emotion
Sick As A Dog
Draw The Line
Walk This Way
Rattlesnake Shake?
Same Old Song And Dance
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'/Peter Gunn

approx. 90min


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