maandag 16 oktober 2017

MP3 - Aerosmith live in Seattle 1986 - 1CD - January 17 - soundcheck

Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington
January 17, 1986

Quality B+/A-

No Surprise
The Hand That Feeds Jam
Same Old Somg And Dance
I Don't Live Today Jam
Back In The Saddle
Bone to Bone
Big Ten Inch Record
My First, Your Face
She's On Fire
Shame on You
Mother Popcorn (2x)
Red House
Lightning Strikes

Notes: I had initially thought this was a tour rehearsal, but I think what we really have here is a combo rehearsal/sound check from before the first night of the tour in Seattle. This has been labeled as Jan. 13, but on that night the arena was booked for a Seattle SuperSonics v. Dallas Mavericks basketball game (won by Dallas 90-89.) So I believe this is from Jan. 17, just a few hours before the show as the guys work out the kinks for the 1st night of the tour. This is a pretty cool tape of the band working through its setlist and testing sounds etc. We get a few short  jams of "The Hand That Feeds" and a very short burst of Hendrix's "I Don't Live Today." both withour Tyler. Before  "No Surpize" Tyler is convinced the band has never played the tune live (and he reiterates it during the show later that night.) But he's wrong, they did play it during a couple of shows in January 1980, although Perry was not part of the band at that time. After the tune Tyler says "Is that good enough for the show?" And there is some opera music in the distance. Listen to Tyler's whacky "reading" at the end of the "Lightning Strikes," funny and weird! Quality is good, but some background noise is present in between tunes.

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