maandag 16 oktober 2017

MP3 - Aerosmith live in San Francisco 1976 - 1CD - August 28

Cow Palace
San Francisco, CA
August 28, 1976


Rats In The Cellar
Dream On
Lord of the Thighs
Last Child
Walk This Way
Sick As A Dog
Same Old Song and Dance
Train Kept A Rollin'
Toys In The Attic

Notes: A nice recoring of Aerosmith on their "Rocks" tour. This a 2nd gen tape I got from a old tape trader who got it from the fellow who recorded it. I was told the taper went to record another band on the bill, but after about 4 tunes decided he liked Aero and flipped his recorded on. A solid sounding tape, sometimes listed as August 27. 


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