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MP3 - Aerosmith live in Lynn 1985 - 2CD - September 14

Manning Bowl
Lynn, Massachusetts
September 14, 1985

audience recording
Quality: C+

Rats In the Cellar
Bone to Bone
Big Ten Inch Record
Mama Kin
Last Child
My Fist Your Face
Lightning Strikes
The Hop
Walkin' The Dog
Red House
Back In The Saddle
Sweet Emotion
Let The Music Do The Talking
Walk This Way
The Movie/Same Old Song And Dance
All Your Love
Toys In The Attic
Dream On
Train Kept A Rollin'

Notes: The semi-famous show from the Manning Bowl, one of the summer warm up shows for the Done With Mirrors tour which would formally start in January. Seems like a wild crowd here, Tyler admonishing fights in the crowd. Interestingly there is a version of "The Movie" played here before "Same Old Song And Dance," I believe the only known live version. Also "All Your Love " is played, a semi-rarity. The quality here is dicey. You'd think the open air venue would help the sound, but too often it is muffled and uneven, but not altogether unlistenable. I did get this from the dude who recorded it and it's the only audio source I know of, so this is as good as it gets, if that is any solace. There is also about 60 minutes of rough video that was broadcast on local V-66 that exists. Here is some remberence of the show I found on the net....

  "In 1985, Aerosmith played a show at The Manning Bowl in Lynn, Massachusetts with Foghat and another Boston band, Farenheit. It was Joe Perry’s birthday. About 20 of us made the trek to Lynn that day. It was a typical, hot, Indian Summer day in New England - perfect for a beer-filled, outdoor show. However, none of us were prepared for the scene when we arrived at the Bowl.
  The 20,000-seat, football field was overrun with people, a lot of them bikers and local Lynn thug-types. There was an especially large showing from one of the local motorcycle gangs, called the Rumpot. When Aerosmith finally hit the stage, a couple of 1/2-naked metal chicks decided to push beyond a thick row of bikers. About two minutes later, one of them was dragged back by her hair, covered in blood by the biggest biker I have never wanted to see in my life.
  The crowd, hot and agitated by Foghat’s way-too-long set, was surging forward toward the stage. People were being dragged over the stage barrier in various stages of injury and unconsciousness. Nobody was sitting in the stands, and the crowd of about 20,000 were all on the field. I’ll never forget the look of fear on Tyler’s face as he implored the crowd to move back or they would have to stop playing. This rationale only made the crowd angrier and Tyler and the bad boys from Boston pulled the plug after about an hour or so after taking the stage."

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