dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

MP3 - Aerosmith live in Kanazawa 2011 - 2CD - November 22

Band: Aerosmith
Title: Rocks, North X South
Venue: Ishikawa Sports Center, Kanazawa, Japan
Date: November 22, 2011
Label: See No Evil Records
Number: S.N.E-171
Artwork included.

Notes: artwork is for a 4 disc set. Disc 1 & 2 is the November 22 show. Disc 3 & 4 is the November 25 show.

Disc 1
01.Time Has Come Today (B.G.M.)
02.Intro (The Ride Of The Valkyries)
03.Draw The Line
04.Love In An Elevator
07.Janie's Got A Gun
08.Livin' On The Edge
09.Joey Drums Solo
10.Lord Of The Thighs
12.No More No More
13.What It Takes
14.Brad Guitar Solo
15.Last Child

Disc 2
01.Red House
03.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
05.Sweet Emotion
06.Home Tonight
07.Dream On
08.Train Kept A Rollin'
09.Walk This Way
10.Band Intro
11.Outro (Manish Boy)


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