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MP3 - Aerosmith live in Gumna 1977 - 2CD - January 29

AEROSMITH January 29, 1977 Gumma, Japan/Maebashi Sports Center [2CD/newly surfaced/complete AUD] "The Wanderer"

Alright Aerofreaks, here it is!  I believe this to be a newly surfaced recording of the bands first night in Japan on January 29, 1977!  Released by Tarantura in 2011, this recording was made by the inimitable Mr. Peach.  I beleive that bits and pieces of this show have surfaced over the years, but never in this quality or this complete.

Aerosmith Maebashi Sports Center, Gunma, Japan 29th January 1977

Title:The Wanderer
Source:Excellent Audience Recording (by Mr.Peach)

STEVEN TYLER : Vocals, Harmonica
JOE PERRY : Guitar
TOM HAMILTON : Bass Guitar

Disc 1;
01. Jaws
02. Toccata And Fugue
03. Introduction
04. Mama Kin
05. Write Me
06. S.O.S. (Too Bad)
07. Lick And A Promise
08. Big Ten Inch Record
09. Sweet Emotion
10. Rats In The Cellar
11. Dream On
12. Lord Of The Thighs

Disc 2;
01. Last Child
02. Walk This Way
03. Sick As A Dog
04. Same Old Song And Dance
05. Train Kept A Rollin'
06. Bat Man
07. Planet Claire
08. Train Kept A Rollin'
09. Toys In The Attic
10. 10 SE / Announcement

Download this bootleg here

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