zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

MP3 - Aerosmith live in Cincinnati 1973 - 1CD - September 26 - soundboard

Steven Tyler- vocals
Joe Perry- guitar
Brad Whitford- guitar
Tom Hamilton- bass
Joey Kramer- drums

Counterpart Studios
Cincinnati, Ohio (actually a suburb of Cincinnati)
September 26, 1973
runtime of show:  63:37
post runtime: 50:07 
  (minus 2 officially released tracks * not included here)

 1: radio announcer introduction   :22
 2: make it  4:18
 3: somebody  4:19
 4: write me  4:53
 5: talk and sound adjustment  1:32
 6: dream on  4:43
 7: one way street 7:43
 8: walkin the dog 3:04  * (removed)
 9: radio announcer talk  1:11
 10: pandora's box 7:53
 11: rattlesnake shake  10:26 * (removed)
 12: radio announcer talk  1:04
 13: train kept a rollin' 5:54
 14: mama kin  4:36
 15: radio announcer closing credits  1:32

This recording sounds
very clean and crisp. Whoever recorded this did
a great job! You won't find 73 Aerosmith sounding
any better than this. It is complete, except for 2 songs,
(tracks 8 and 11 are both officially available as
 part of the "Pandora's Box" set collection.)
the numbers of the tracks in this post reflect
the order of all the songs in the concert,
so there is no track 8 or 11 included in here.
I hate having to post (yet another) chopped liver
Aerosmith torrent, but that's how Aerosmith likes
to do things (release bits and chips of shows).
Fortunately the removal of the 2 tracks doesn't
disrupt the recording continuity very much.
 This is a very fine sounding recording (either
FM or maybe even pre-FM), broadcast in a small
studio in (suburban) Cincinnati, and it's a fresh
early set with mostly 1st album material (only
album at this time, and it was still fresh to
Aerosmith's small but rapidly growing nation.
They sound like little kids in this show, but
not just any kids. There's no mistaking Steven
Tyler's singing, and this was around the time
I saw them in Dedham High School Auditorium for
$3 gen. admission and they played the 1st album,
not much else and encored about an hour show
with TKAR. That was probably the best Aerosmith
performance I've ever heard. They rocked. never
heard a tape of it though (overly familiar story) 
I liked the 2nd album just as much (get your wings)
but the show I saw was an anticlimax, end of a long tour,
the band sounded tired. Queen was great though,
opening that night in 74. Aerosmith sounded very
good here. that 1st album made it big and was the
start of a long ride (in rock and roll terms).
They're more popular now than ever in the mid 70's,
but it was their 1st 3 albums, Aerosmith, Get your
Wings and Toys in the Attic that put Aerosmith
on my turntable. (when I had one that works).
In Boston, this was and is our favorite homegrown
hard rock band (before it started getting a bit
squishy). this show may help explain why that is.
They rocked in this one too like only they do.

Download this bootleg here

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