donderdag 19 oktober 2017

FLAC - Aerosmith "Permanent Outtakes" - 2CD

Remastered Edition

Lineage: Silver CD > APE > UUnet > Data CD > TLH > .wav > Audition 3 > TLH > FLAC > you

This is a companion to the 3CD set "Permanent Vacation Outtakes" posted on TTD by BaconAerosmith. All the songs on that set are mono, and sound as though they were played through a stereo system and picked up as room sound on a mono portable cassette deck; then in post-production, had brickwall limiting applied in such a way as to eliminate any traces of dynamics the music once had.

I found this set on Usenet in February 2003. The tracks on this 2CD set are all stereo, inline recordings, with no previous modifications. I'd guess that this set came before the 3CD version, as the Aces High label has appropriated the artwork that came with this issue.

For this edition, each track has been phase and pitch corrected, and had its level raised from an approximate average of -20 dB on the original CDs. Tracks were recombined and resplit on sector boundaries in CD Wave, and converted to FLAC in TLH.

Artwork included.

Download this bootleg here

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