donderdag 19 oktober 2017

FLAC - Aerosmith live in Detroit 1974 - 1CD - April 7 - soundboard

Artist: Aerosmith
Date: 7th April 1974
Venue: Michigan Palace, Detroit

Covers art included

1. Write Me A Letter
2. Mama Kin
3. Lord Of The Thighs
4. Woman Of The World
5. Dream On
6. Pandora's Box
7. Same Old Song And Dance
8. One Way Street
9. Somebody
10. Train Kept A Rollin'
11. Walkin The Dog
12. Milk Cow Blues

Recorded at:
Details as being Masonics Hall, Detroit on April
4, 1974 but is Michigan Palace, Detroit
Michigan, April 7, 1974

Excellent mono and seems slightly better
sound than Erotic Dreams, with the band
expressing their raw energy into their new
release, Get Your Wings. This recording also
carries Joe singing Milk Cow Blues, which
Aerosmith would eventually record some 3
years later on Draw The Line.

Download this bootleg here

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