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MP3 - Aerosmith live in Syracuse 1983 - 1CD - February 24

War Memorial
Syracuse, New York
February 24, 1983

Unknown gen.cassette.aud

Quality: B

 Announcement for Syracuse Rush show
 Back In The Saddle
 Mama Kin
 Big Ten Inch Record
 Three Mile Smile
 Lord Of The Thighs
 Lick And A Promise
 Sweet Emotion
 Dream On
 Lightning Strikes
 Walk This Way
 Milk Cow Blues
 Drum Solo
 Toys In The Attic
 Train Kept A Rollin'

 Notes: Ah, the old days of Aero on the Rock In A Hard Place tour. Gotta love it...maybe at their most drugged out with Crespo and Dufay helping hold it together just barely and so far removed from what the band morphed into today. Tyler on American Idol, wtf? Not a great recording here, but not that bad either. Captures the vibe of the time, and make no mistake this is a great rock and roll show before corporate America really discovered it and littered the nation with their suburban amphitheaters and $250 tickets. Tape opens with the MC talking about an upcoming Rush show and there is a funny reaction by a crowd member.  Kramer does a litte funky hit of cowbell (?) during the intro of  Three Mile Smile that I've never heard before while Tyler follows with a scat type thing, kinda cool....welcome back to 1983!

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